Salvatore Ferragamo Whose bank account is bigger

Whose bank account is bigger

There are many successful women in Atlanta who purposely hide their success from men they date. Well, I should say the men they meet and begin to date don know their coin status. I wonder though, is that really necessary?

Do you think men even have an issue dating a woman with more money, generally? I ask because from what I have seen and heard, men aren pick about the finances of their women.

The fact that a woman can financially support herself does not deter a man from pursuit as often as people think. The women with big bank accounts won necessarily require men to make the same as they do.

Do you think women having a larger bank account adds a different dynamic to their dating relationships?

Do men believe that a woman with more money should be treated any differently?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta

Nothing really to add on topic, other than I don really see the big deal. I quite comfortable with what I make, so if a woman made more than me, I be fine with t Salvatore Ferragamo hat. If she wasn fine with it, then just KIM. Easy enough Salvatore Ferragamo .

My gas bill is never that bad mostly because I a white dude and, well, we less sensitive to cold, apparently. It not summer time, so we expect our homes to in the winter. Grant it, I don like being cold either, but I also don want to pay a grip by making my house feel like I on a beach somewhere. I want my house comfortable as well, and for all that the furnace ain putting out at 68, I going to dress appropriate.

Button, sometimes common sense ain so common no more. Where is that bombostic lawyer Comon. Don turn it down till I start sweating. Damn the bill. Ain no way I sittin in a cold house, or, a hot house in July. Jus ain Maybe had I no Salvatore Ferragamo t grown up in the 60s when they had those open flame potbelly stoves and heaters using coal as fuel, I wouldn feel this way. Cause at night all fires went out. So, when we woke up, inside was the same temp as outside. Hell. It is nice hearing about folks making it work, acting like they got some sense and just happy for a change. Not going on and on with violins, sounding like a romance novel annoying, but just everyday happy folks. After a point, the ratchet stuff gets to be annoying too!LOL!

Button A nice, relaxed feeling from a glass of wine or something smooth is nice for me for romance. Beyond that, I get tore up and start feeling sick to my stomach, which makes for a miserable evening for me, not a turn on for either of us!LOL!!I can understand how people can be bothered by high heating bills. Years ago when we were just starting out we would get the high heating bills and high cooling bills in the summer. We pay what we could each week, even if it was only $20, we pay that, then $40, then maybe $30. The trick is to pay Never pay She taught me a trick, well, maybe it not a trick, but a way to make things, at least, seem easier. She would get a bill of let’s say, $211.47. She would pay, say, $61.47. She said always pay the cents in addition to what you can really afford, and do something similar every week, or every time somebody got paid. But, whatever, you pay always. Even if it only $14. They are much much less likely to turn sh!t off if your last payment was only 6,7, or 8 days ago which is what they would see every time they looked at your account. They can only say them broke azzes are still behind, and last week they only paid $19.58 on a $327.58 bill. But ain much we can do cause they are paying consistently. They don hardly pay sh!t, but they pay, so they are aware of it and are trying. They tend to cut sh! Salvatore Ferragamo t off if you just don pay anything cause you don have it all. Also, they can refuse payment. Even if you send in $1, they have to take it.